Thatcher Workplace Consulting

Aligning the work, worker and workplace of the future

Thatcher Workplace Consulting specializes in customizing workplace and change management strategies to align the work, worker and workplace of the future. Meredith Thatcher and her team provide strategic, sustainable and practical real estate portfolio and workplace solutions designed to meet your organizational needs and bottom-line objectives.

Adapting your workplace and people for change

Thatcher Workplace Consulting uses a systematic approach to capture requirements, identify opportunities and customize solutions. By focusing on workplace strategy, your full requirement will be documented, reviewed and approved by senior management before any “designing” begins. You will also be provided with the change management guidance and tools to inform, energize and unite employees at every level—reducing risks, resolving resistance to change, and accelerating the return on your investment.

Channeling expertise and asking the right questions

Leveraging an extensive network of experts, both near and far, Thatcher Workplace Consulting is known for partnering with the right people who know how to ask the right questions and deliver the right answers and results. The firm is led by Meredith Thatcher, a highly respected workplace and change management strategist, consultant, trainer and public speaker. She takes a hands-on role in every project, solution and presentation and ensures they stand up to the “So What?” test!