24,700 sq.ft.

The Challenge:

To review existing and future workplace requirements and develop a workplace strategy to accommodate projected 5 year growth.

The Solution:

Calian engaged Meredith Thatcher and her team to review its existing and future workplace requirements and develop a responsive workplace strategy that accommodated projected growth over the next five years.

Meredith created a blocking plan (outlines of offices, workstations and support areas) to test whether the existing facility could accommodate the growth. Meredith and her team also consulted an estimator to determine the cost of renovating the existing space and recommended and outlined a phased construction framework.

Calian decided that the cost and disruption of construction was not an ideal solution, but the work didn’t end there. Test fits of spaces were conducted in nearby buildings so employees would not be displaced from the community in which they have been a part for more than a decade.

The new office space is a bright, welcoming environment for employees and clients alike.