Canada Revenue Agency





The Challenge:

To determine the requirements for an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for national installation, including developing the procurement methodology and RFP documents. The new system would need to be scalable and robust enough for over 800 floorplates in multiple sites.

The Solution:

Meredith Thatcher and her team were selected to support CRA in the development, testing and implementation of a national integrated workplace management system (IWMS). An early pilot project identified the requirements and the conflicting needs between HQ and the Regions (including conflict resolution). Meredith developed an implementation strategy as well as an issues documentation and mitigation strategy. The second phase of the project built consensus among Real Property, IT, Finance and Procurement to develop an RFP. The process included training for the Regional and HQ users on how to get ready for the change in business processes, the application of new standards and hands-on practical testing of the new approaches.

Services provided included:

  • Offering expert advice to senior management and the Project Manager
  • Identifying change management issues and providing mitigation options
  • Conducting interviews and focus groups to gain consensus on the IWMS requirements
  • Determining the impact of changing how they do business on the Regional user groups
  • Assisting in development of the RFP for an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)
  • Designing change management training for the Senior Management team

The project included a Pilot Needs Analysis and Project Strategy, and expert advisory services for the Real Property Management Information System (RPMIS).