Canadian Nuclear Labs (formerly Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) )


Chalk River, Ontario


Approximately 200,000 sq.ft.

The Challenge:

To design a comprehensive facility program for a new logistics and site services support building to consolidate over a dozen diverse and technical operating programs from 20+ buildings to one or two new builds.

The Solution:

Meredith and her team developed a facility program for AECL based on the following planning principles: It should meet business needs. It must be cost-effective, i.e. by building in flexibility for future change, ensuring the accommodation is sized to fit operations, and adhering to existing accommodation standards. And, it should be designed to LEED® Silver certification standards.

The project methodology required a 4-stage planning process:

  • Stage 1: Data Collection: Data was gathered by conducting interviews and site visits. During site visits, Meredith and her team made observations about the degrees to which spaces were underused or over-accommodated. The data and accommodations were analyzed to determine the current and projected space requirements.
  • Stage 2: Needs/Requirements Analysis: The findings were consolidated and analyzed from Stage 1 to develop the work efficiencies and Concept Blocking Diagrams.
  • Stage 3: Development Models: The draft comprised organizational/operational requirements and detailed space equations for each development model—one for an on-site solution and one for a split facility solution.
  • Stage 4: Concept Plan: The requirements and the concept blocking diagrams were used to develop a 3-D building massing diagram of the on-site solution, complete with detailed requirements for the building infrastructure and services as well as a Class D cost estimate.


The document was thorough, well researched and well considered. Your willingness to maintain involvement of a company principal on the project added value and credibility to the project. I am confident that the information your firm gathered, collated, analyzed and presented to us will be invaluable as we work toward implementation and realization of AECL Strategic Plan for the Chalk River site.

Sue D’Eon, Senior Planner