MD Financial Management




approximately 20,000 sq.ft.

The Challenge:

To help plan, organize and implement a pilot project that prioritized flexibility and a superb client experience in a workplace strategy that could be adopted by other regional offices throughout Canada.

The Solution:

Building on the success of the MD Financial Management Headquarters project in Ottawa, Meredith Thatcher and her team were asked to steer the development of a pilot project for their regional offices. This included helping MDFM design and implement a similar workplace strategy that aligned more closely with their business objectives.

The new space allocation approach was used as the foundation for new occupant and client experience workplace standards for the regional offices across Canada. As a client advisor, Meredith Thatcher (as part of the MHPM team) helped develop the requirements, create a client experience profile, and worked with the designer to develop the space, finishes and fit-up standards that incorporated brand and scalability considerations that were integral to the furniture tender and selection process. The Edmonton office was the pilot site. Recent Post Occupancy reviews with both staff and clients in Edmonton were highly successful and the new workplace concept will be implemented into the largest regional offices across the country.