MD Financial Management




112,000 sq.ft.

The Challenge:

To help a vibrant business recover from the effects of a fire by developing a workplace strategy that met MD’s strategic goals of implementing a mix of fixed and mobile workers and dramatically increasing the number and size of their collaboration spaces.

The Solution:

MD Financial Management (MDFM) Home Office was seriously affected by a small fire in early 2013. The MHPM advisory team (of which Meredith Thatcher was a key player) modeled the options, assisted MDFM in determining the best mix of fixed and flex workers, established an occupant experience drawing review process and ultimately transformed the workspace into a mobile, agile, technology-enabled and highly collaborative workplace.

MDFM has been able to consolidate staff from another facility and substantially grow with adjustments to only a few workstations. The space has been showcased in Ottawa as an example of how to successfully adapt a workplace to an organization’s strategic objectives. MDFM has quadrupled the number of meeting/collaboration spaces, achieved LEED Gold and substantially increased employee engagement scores.

Services delivered as a member of the strategic advisor team:

  • Together we developed the workplace strategy
  • Provided expert advice to the steering committee and the internal change management committee
  • Design team oversight and provided support throughout the project