Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)


Throughout Ottawa



The Challenge:

Provide real property advisory services on an ad-hoc basis.

The Solution:

PWGSC has relied on Meredith Thatcher and her team’s expertise as a Real Property Advisor for many years. Below are brief descriptions of select projects delivered to PWGSC:

  • Prepared the furniture strategy in preparation for the migration of 4,000+ employees from over 20 buildings in the National Capital Region to consolidate into a single complex. The strategy included the strategic objectives from four perspectives: financial, operational, taxpayer and occupants.
  • Developed the Strategic Options Analysis model that included processes and tools to document functional performance of physical assets.
  • Rewrote the terms of reference to integrate a Building Condition Report (BCR) into the Asset Management Plan (AMP).
  • Provided functional performance training to the winning bidder of the AMP request for proposal.
  • Wrote and edited the Facility Management Toolkit to provide PWGSC facility managers with a complete “how to” guide. The Toolkit documented policies, procedures, strategies, process, approach and service standards.
  • Developed occupant requirement questionnaires as one of the tools in the FM Toolkit.
  • Developed Area Measure and Space Management training materials.
  • Developed an integrated CAD & CAFM database for over 600,000 sq.ft. of space in two buildings and tested the PWGSC space measurement standard for ease-of-use.

Prepared a Workplace of the Future report on the current state of wireless technology.