Standards Council of Canada





The Challenge:

To assist Standards Council of Canada executives to develop an organizational approach that helped employees understand, prepare for, adapt and adopt a new work environment as they transitioned from old, traditional offices to new, modern, open, collaborative workplaces.

The Solution:

Meredith Thatcher worked with the SCC project manager to develop the change management strategy. A town hall meeting was held at the new location prior to construction to help inform the workforce the reasons for the change. This also gave attendees an opportunity to tour the new location and ask the executive team some questions. An executive alignment session was held to ensure that all members of the senior management team were communicating the same message, knew where to go for answers, and agreed on a timeline for adaption and adoption of the new space.

All staff then participated in one of four workplace etiquette/protocol workshops where they could express their excitement and their anxiety about the new open environment and together develop solutions—be they related to etiquette, technology or operation. Meredith, working with the project manager, developed the template for the staff orientation sessions one week prior to move-in. The change management activities and coaching prepared the staff so effectively that they were working Day 1 and acclimatized to the new working environment more easily than anticipated.