Consulting Services

What now? What next?

Modern-day workplace models are evolving towards silo busting strategies, open plan designs, agile working environments, and collaborative spaces—all while new workforce generations and technologies are revolutionizing work cultures and processes. As workplace and change management strategies realign to accommodate the work, worker and workplace of the future, unique and often complex questions and issues may arise. In today’s quick-shifting landscape, there are no standard answers.

Consult a workplace expert

Not sure where to begin? Are you missing statistics for a report? Do projected costs to implement your workplace strategy seem a bit high? Need a second opinion before you present your change management proposal for review and approval? Thatcher Workplace Consulting is flexible for as-needed support at any stage of a project. Recent examples include requests to:

  • Develop a client experience journey map from a workplace viewpoint
  • Conduct additional research and statistics to help justify the need for standards exceptions
  • Research how certain large firms have achieved cost savings and provide recommendations about how to adapt the most ideal model for their business objectives
  • Assist with developing the criteria to determine which employees may require additional support or training during a large-scale change management initiative
  • Conduct a needs analysis and feasibility study for new software
  • Develop a business case for implementing a nation-wide, alternative workplace strategy
  • Build a survey designed to gather feedback that includes employee testimonials

If you are managing a work, worker or workplace issue and find yourself thinking, “I can’t think of anyone who could help me with something like this,” consider contacting Thatcher Workplace Consulting. If Meredith and her team cannot assist, they might know someone who can.