Workplace Strategies

Evolve today, succeed tomorrow

Today’s global market is complex, ever-changing and fiercely competitive—a reality that places time-critical pressures on businesses and organizations to continually adapt and optimize their work, workers and workplaces for the future.

In AWE of future-proofing

In addition to founding Thatcher Workplace Consulting to future-proof workplaces, Meredith Thatcher co-founded Agile Work Evolutions Inc. (AWE) in 2019 with a specific focus on empowering clients with workforce analysis tools and strategies to facilitate agile and remote working. This has been especially beneficial for organizations to adapt and transform during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aligning business and workplace priorities

What is the problem—or the opportunity—that is driving you to rethink the quantity, quality and functionality of your workspace? Have you thought about silo busting? Enhancing knowledge sharing? Sustainability? A cultural overhaul? From modernization to succession, whatever motivates you to invest in the evolution of your workplace should also inspire you to explore how best to maximize your resourcefulness, innovation and productivity—if only you knew what was possible.

They key is to develop an effective workplace strategy

Thatcher Workplace Consulting works with public and private sector clients to define the success criteria for workspace changes and customize a workplace strategy designed to achieve transformational, bottom-line results. Meredith and her team can recommend how best to:

  • Reduce the future risk of your facilities being too small, too large or too expensive
  • Create a more agile, flexible work environment—one that is more responsive to growth
  • Integrate and leverage smart technologies to improve building performance
  • Identify opportunities for work process, productivity and performance improvements
  • Rethink how workspaces and common areas are organized to increase creativity and collaboration between business units
  • Provide greater clarity around confidentiality in an open environment
  • Enhance workplace settings (i.e. light, air, space and even colours) to retain and attract a greater number of talented, skilled workers
  • Project an environment of wellness, sustainability and resilience, with non-office and office conveniences to drive innovation
  • Introduce mixed-use spaces to create new revenue streams
  • Work towards LEED certification or how to “Green” your environment
  • Achieve speed to market results

It is ideal to continue working as an interdisciplinary team throughout the lifetime of the project. This will allow Thatcher Workplace Consulting to provide ongoing recommendations that will optimize project management, address the unexpected, apply course corrections if warranted, and maximize outcomes.