Meredith has always brought professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and energy to each and every challenge. You can see her mind working as she asks all the right questions and leads you through a verbal form of mind mapping and networking that enables you to see the real possibilities of the challenge and the wide range of solutions available. And if you don’t happen to discover the obvious – she manages to leave a little trail of logic and planning assumptions that will make the answer obvious. If space is the final frontier, then Meredith is our “Spock”. She calmly analyzes the facts, removes any emotional attachment you may have had to any preconceived solutions and presents the most logical solution required to meet your needs. Just like Spock – she is often annoyingly correct in all of her prognostications. If you fail to take her advice (it happened to me once), then you find yourself alone at night, reflecting on the chaos and confusion of your particular project of the moment and wondering – now why didn’t I listen to that woman.

Manager, Workplace Policies and Strategies
Public Works and Government Services Canada

I worked with Meredith on a project where she was an advisor to a mutual client. She provided steadfast direction, thanks to her immense knowledge, collaborative spirit and inquisitive mind. Meredith brought consensus within the PM/Interior Designer/Client team with grace and ease, while driving towards the client’s desired end goal: a great space for clients and employees alike. I would collaborate with Meredith again in a heartbeat!

Senior Interior Designer

Given the volume and the complexity of our department’s workload, it has been my experience that most of us use the services of a consultant, probably “on call.” This is especially true when taking on a new or unique task but also is important for normal ones which occur at a time of maximum workload. Due to their years of experience, their technical knowledge, and their proven record, Thatcher Workplace Consulting is a “best fit” for facility managers who desire not only high performance but also a great track record of working with customers and your departmental personnel with common sense to develop economical solutions to facility management problems. They are true to their company logo of connecting work, the worker and the workplace to the benefit of you and your department.

David G. Cotts
PE, CFM, IFMA Fellow

I have had the pleasure of working with Meredith in a variety of capacities and on numerous projects over the past twenty years. I’ve also enjoyed listening to a number of her presentations on changing workplaces, trends in facilities, etc. Meredith is a consummate professional in every aspect of her business life. She cares deeply for her clients and strives to make each project a success. She is extremely respected by everyone I’ve encountered on the projects we’ve collaborated on: from the client, to the GC, and to each and every supplier.

Deanne Duncan, Territory Manager
Shaw Contract Group/Shaw Commercial Hard Surface

As a subject matter expert related to building serviceability and organizational effectiveness, Ms. Thatcher was also able to effectively communicate her team’s findings before a sometimes tough group of Army personnel responsible for managing all Army’s real property world-wide.

Technical Lead for the 4-star HQ Buildings project
US Army Corps of Engineers, US Dept. of the Army

Part of the key to innovation in the development and integration of workplace strategies and accommodation solutions is to have access to outstanding individuals in their respective fields. In the area of ‘applied facilities management’ I have never met anyone equal to Meredith Thatcher.

Jim Graham, Manager (retired)
Workplace Policies and Strategies, PWGSC

Meredith Thatcher has truly been an inspiration to the formation and sustained efforts of the Trinidad & Tobago Chapter of IFMA. She has blessed us on two occasions with her insightful and thought provoking presentations:

At our innaugrial chapter meeting in June 2009, her topic on innovation provided the chapter with a platform for growth. The impetus skyrocketed our then membership of 26 persons, to 53 persons in one year. Presentations of her caliber has left our membership and well wishers wanting more on each occasion. We are eternally grateful for her affinity to share, and her frank professionalism. We look forward to continued opportunities to be exposed to her knowledge and expertise. All the best to you Meredith

Mr. Tyrel Melville, President
IFMA, Trinidad & Tobago Chapter

An excellent approach to targeting, identifying and encouraging innovation within an organization and without. A great reminder to the individual as well of how to capture/general the environment necessary for innovation. Wonderful delivery also.

Deborah Naczynski
J-Squared Design

Your presentation was very interactive and dynamic and enjoyed by all in attendance. The “Ignite Your Innovation Workshop” is a very timely topic, especially during these tough economic times when everyone at the workplace is concerned with keeping their jobs. You gave us all a lot to reflect on relative to our innovation blue print and tools that we can use to help us become a stronger asset to our employers. Again thanks for such a professional educational workshop.

Lisbeth Wyatt, Directors of Operations, Vanderbilt University

Love the slides – clean and great graphics. Lots of neat information. I found it very interesting and thought provoking.

Sheldon Rice
Raymond James Ltd.

Interesting ideas:
Difference between invention and innovation
I like references to good websites – good stuff
Nice to have book/article references
Overall excellent – important information
Good timing and pace.

Erin Kelly
Ottawa Chamber of Commerce

Thank you Meredith, I am always ‘energized’ and ‘inspired’ by your presentations. I like how you bring concrete examples to what might appear an elusive concept!

André Audette, retired

Informative, insightful and fun at the same time. Valuable “out of the box” thinking.

Teresa Whitmore
Royal LePage Team Realty

Powerful presentation – lots of great ideas.

Guy Thatcher
Author and motivational speaker

I had the pleasure of meeting Meredith at a full day symposium on the future of Interior Design / Architecture held at Algonquin College on August 25th, 2010. On August 26th I attended her seminar on Innovation and was blown away. Meredith has a unique ability to talk with her audience, not at them. Her ideas on innovation were backed up with sound research and informed by years of experience. Her presentation style is conversational and she puts the participant at ease. I highly recommend attending a seminar by Meredith or giving her a call to see what valuable insights she might have for your business, workplace culture or corporate identity.

Jason Bellaire, Partner
J-Squared Design

Your presentation was very interactive and dynamic and enjoyed by all in attendance. The “Ignite Your Innovation Workshop” is a very timely topic, especially during these tough economic times when everyone at the workplace is concerned with keeping their jobs. You gave us all a lot to reflect on relative to our innovation blue print and tools that we can use to help us become a stronger asset to our employers. Again thanks for such a professional educational workshop.

Lisbeth Wyatt, Directors of Operations,
Vanderbilt University

Thank you for such an inspiring presentation. I have already been sharing some of the information with my colleagues.

Timothy D, Newton,
Port of Spain, Trinidad

I recently attended NeoCon 2010 where you presented a refreshing seminar entitled “Ignite YOUR Innovation!” I very much enjoyed the presentation and appreciated that your seminar was the only one I attended that included an interactive audience participation element. I gained some insight for providing opportunities for innovation by encouraging collaboration outside of people’s comfort zone.

Maggie Allen,
State Farm

Another great presentation was www.future.2020 by Meredith Thatcher, CFM IFMA Fellow. Meredith always has informative and thought provoking sessions and this one was no exception. One of the lessons I learned from Meredith a while back was the term “So What” . When giving a presentation or listening to one, I am always thinking about answers and solutions and making sure that the lessons are relevant and contain a solid take-away. Meredith has never failed to deliver on that premise.

Bill Conley,
Pacific Building Care

When it comes to knowing the Facility Management World and being innovative within it, Meredith Thatcher is unequivocally one of the best leaders in the field. As an instructor and facilitator, she constantly displays the knowledge and passion that encourages the best out of all participants. Her learning techniques are exceptionally exciting and she makes facility competency courses easy to learn with her dynamism and charisma.

At the end of any session or class with Meredith, I gain so much more understanding and show a renewed confidence that helps me succeed as a Facility Management Professional. In Ottawa, we are so lucky to have Meredith in our team .

Farah Florestant, MBA, FMP
Canada Revenue Agency

I have taken several trainings/classes in my career and have in fact been an instructor myself. I have yet to see an instructor who was as well rounded as you were in that class. To be able to cover every aspect of facility management in a four days, and cover it very well, speaks a lot to your experience and passion for this business. You made it a point to make sure that every student understood the curriculum. The teaching style you used was impeccable. With every topic you began with a brief overview and followed that by relating it to your life experiences, but you didn’t stop there. You also asked us about our real life experiences which helped me understand the topics so much more. Your commitment and passion not only made it a great learning environment but also enjoyable.

Steven Frailey, FMP
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Meredith was phenomenal! Very knowledgeable!


Greatly enjoyed the course, thank you.


Thank-you Meredith . The course was engaging and I learned some good things to take back with me.


Meredith has fantastic vast amounts of knowledge. Thankfully we had her and not just the book.


MHPM has enjoyed collaborating with Meredith on numerous client projects where we’ve required her additional insight and expertise in the areas of alternative workplace strategies and change management. Meredith is the consummate professional in every aspect – from applying her extensive knowledge to solve complex accommodation issues, to engaging senior management in difficult, yet fruitful conversations about their organization and workforce challenges. She is skilled at gathering the necessary data – and dialogue – in order to interpret results and contribute meaningfully to the client’s decision making process.

Lisa Chillingworth, Managing Director,

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